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A collection of books on construction, maps, plans, linen and ephemera

A collection of books on construction, maps, plans, linen and ephemera

That was the rather underwhelming catalogue entry for a recent auction lot.

But we went to the preview with this as the main item of interest, only to find out that the plans were of sewage works! Still, where there's muck there's brass, so we bought these and an associated lot of royal ephemera that had many photo negatives. Time will tell whether we were right but at time of writing these have sold already and illustrate the diversity of items to be found in such a lot:

So Bracing: 1971 Skegness Leaflet and Accommodation Guide
Austin Motor Company "Longbridge Today" 1930s Company Booklet
Post Office 1974 Guide to New County Names
Dudley Zoo 1937 Opening Year Guide
Merseyside's New Railways Leaflet 1970s
Mersey Tunnel Queensway Liverpool Birkenhead 1950 Regulations and Tolls
Bedford School 1966 Programme Opening of New dining halls by the Queen Mother
Official Programme Opening Birmingham Airport 8th July 1939 (100 pages)
RAF Middle East Air Force Queen's Colours 1960 Presentation Papers
Milton Keynes 1975 road Map and Area Names
Blakeborough 1950 Trade catalogue Water Distribution Valves & Fittings
Concorde " The Questions Answered" British aircraft Corporation 48 Page Booklet
British Road Federation 64 Page Road Statistics 1965

The prior owner, born c1920, had kept papers from the 1930s onwards, He was in the OTC at Warwick School, joining the navy in 1944 and specialising in civil engineering with a military slant. Thankfully he seemed averse to throwing away ephemera. As a result we have been given the opportunity to sort through trade catalogues, excursion brochures, maps and paperwork, just the kind of auction lots we like!