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The unidentified but interesting ceramics box!

The unidentified but interesting ceramics box!

We buy lots of ceramics and inevitably we have accumulated many items that we cannot identify. Sometimes we seek help from online forums but, all too frequently, the item remains a mystery

This is the latest to go in the box, a kind of porcelain Room 101:

Polychrome Chinoiserie plate, looks to be porcelain and possibly British. 8 1/2" diameter, pronounced foot, outline transfer print with extensive hand painting.

We have two of these, one has no markings, the other has an impressed 6 or 9. Looking at an angle one can see that features were originally painted but they have worn, as have many stems.

But what age and pattern is it, never mind who made it?

We now have so many mystery ceramics that we need a bigger box!

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