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Douglas Cosgrove Actor 1928 Autograph

Douglas Cosgrove Actor 1928 Autograph

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Douglas Cosgrove Actor 1928 Autograph

Reference to Bremen Junkers W33 Atlantic crossing

IMDB lists the following films:
1936 Winds of the Wasteland, Cal Drake
1935 The Last Days of Pompeii, Gaius' Steward (uncredited)
1934 The St. Louis Kid Prosecutor in Sheriff's Office (uncredited)
1934 Among the Missing Police Captain Drake
1934 The Man with Two Faces Detective Lieutenant (uncredited)
1934 Beyond the Law John Glenn
1934 Fog Over Frisco Detective Lt. Davis
1934 Upper World Detective Johnson (uncredited)
1934 The Woman Condemned Police Chief
1934 Dancing Man Donovan
1934 I've Got Your Number Detective Turner
1933 Lady Killer Detective Jones
1933 Blood Money Undetermined Role (uncredited)
1933 The Man Who Dared Dan Foley
1932 Too Busy to Work Sheriff
1932 A Scarlet Week-End The Police Inspector
1932 She Wanted a Millionaire Mr. Miller
1931 Hush Money Captain Dan Emmett."

This item was found in a very large collection of genuine autographs, letters and other ephemera purchased at an auction in Cardiff.

Condition:Slight browning


( Douglas Cosgrove Autograph Signature)