Ernest Dimnet (1866-1954) Signed Letter Clip


Ernest Dimnet (1866-1954) Signed Letter Clip

French priest, writer and lecturer

Wiki: "Dimnet's "The art of thinking" invites the reader into a state of honesty where he evaluates himself as a thoughtful human being. Dimnet brings up the fact that we too often only "think of thinking" about something instead of actually thinking. He provides useful tips and advice on how to improve one's concentration, and even endeavors to answer some timeless and all-important questions such as "How do I find myself?" Finding answers to these questions, Dimnet explains, is crucial to the production of any original thought. We must know ourselves in order to think for ourselves."

This item was found in a very large collection of genuine autographs, letters and other ephemera purchased at an auction in Cardiff

Condition: Fold creases,notes to foot

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Ernest Dimnet Autograph Signature