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Peggy O'Neil 1898-1960 Actress Autograph

Peggy O'Neil 1898-1960 Actress Autograph

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Peggy O'Neil 1898-1960 Actress Autograph
IMDB lists the following films:
"1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 Chaperone (uncredited)
1926 The Non-Stop Flight Olga Nelson
1926 The Checkered Flag Mary McQuire
1926 The Gosh-Darn Mortgage (Short) Sue Tucker
1925 Framed (Short) (as Peg O'Neill)
1925 Beware (Short) (as Peg O'Neil)
1925 Red Pepper (Short) (as Peg O'Neil)
1925 Step Lightly (Short)
1925 Asleep in the Deep (Short)
1924 Goat Getters (Short)
1924 Wedding Showers (Short) The Bride
1924 Air Pockets (Short) Peg (as Peg O'Neil)
1924 Midnight Blues (Short)
1924 Wide Open (Short)
1924 Neck and Neck (Short) The Village Maiden
1923 Exit Caesar (Short)
1923 Casey Jones, Jr. (Short) Casey's Sweetheart (as Peg O'Neil)
1921 The Stolen Umbrella (Short)
1920 The Sleep of Cyma Roget Artist's Model
1917 The Penny Philanthropist Peggy
1915 Old Dutch Model for Hamilton King (uncredited)
1914 The Inspector's Story (Short) The Governor's Wife (as Peggy O'Neil)
1913 The Battle of Shiloh Ellen Winston
1913 The Two Fathers (Short) Peggy Ryan Carter - the Wife
1913 Getting the Best of Dad (Short) Jennie Roach
1913 The Man in the Hamper (Short) Jane Ormond
1913 On the Dumbwaiter (Short) John's Wife
1913 When Mary Married (Short) Mary Young
1913 The Penalty of Crime (Short) Nell Forest"

This item was found in a very large collection of genuine autographs, letters and other ephemera purchased at an auction in Cardiff.

Condition:Slight browning


( Peggy O'Neil Autograph Signature)