Pottery, Porcelain and China:

Gotheborg: Excellent site for Chinese and Japanese ceramics. Front end is free but annual subscription required for full functionality

The Potteries: Superb reference site for Staffordshire pottery.

20th Century Forum: A good site for getting other members feedback on unidentified pottery (and glass)

Nicholnack: Australian site specialising in Royal Doulton and Carlton Ware

Replacements: An American site that has a extensive index of patterns

Studio pottery:

Antique Marks: Wide ranging site for antique marks on pottery and more



Silver Collection:

Birmingham Assay Office:

Silvermakers marks:


The Paperweight People:


Playle Deltiology: US orientated

Edinphoto: Scottish orientated


Vectis Good site for buying collectable toys and checking values


Millers Antiques:

Ebay: Ebay remains the main online auction site for the moment although it appears to be moving to more of a mall for online major outlets. However it has millions of items for sale including a huge quantity of collectables. Searching completed listings can provide useful price comparisons with the caveats that condition may vary, sellers may classify items incorrectly and national markets may vary tremendously and it can be dangerous to apply USA values to the UK market and vice versa.

Image Search

Conducting a reverse image search can be a good way of identifying an obscure object or painting/print. Each work by uploading an image from your computer and the search engine then tries to find relevant matches.

Tineye: Our preferred engine as it seems to identify only relevant matches

Google: We have found this less useful as it appears to find several non-relevant matches